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Puppy Tales - Week 10!

Cannot believe we are into double figures with our blog! This means we are now a whopping 18 weeks or four and a half months old.

It’s been an action packed week for us both. I’m pleased to report that I (Ted) am now definitely on the mend. I needed another trip to the vets where I’ve been put on antibiotics as well as the probiotic paste but this seems to have done the trick – mummy is much happier now that my poops are easy to pick up again!

We had a fantastic walk/run on the beach at Rossall this week with Woof by Bailey’s other main models – Watson, Jinsol and Raff. Between the five of us we did manage to pick up all sorts of things on the beach for mummy and Nicky including: seaweed, a water bottle, some rope and a dead fish! We all had a fabulous time though.

With the weather getting chillier we got to go in the front lounge with the real fire. We loved it! Mummy got so toasty and warm that she fell asleep on the sofa too so she didn’t get a photo of us – sorry!

We’ve had lots of fun on our local field this week with Tilly and Monty playing in all the new big puddles.

The wet weather has meant that we now get very muddy on every walk we go on so we have to a shower outside on the patio. At first we really didn’t like it but now we’ve realised that it’s actually really nice to stand under the lovely warm water and get all clean.

We had a lovely surprise this week when our friend Tess came round for a play with big sister Issy who brought us a new toy each from the Woof by Bailey range. We’ve had great fun all week with a Tiger Safari Stick and an Elephant Safari Tennis Stick.

Training this week was a bit of a recap of everything we have learnt so far as we have to take a test in a couple of weeks. Mummy and daddy are getting quite nervous about this so there will be lots of practice this week! We really need to get better at stay and stand. We are pretty good at toy release and really good at recall though.

We had two lovely walks on the big fields this week with our friends Tilly, Murphy, Georgie, Bo and Darcy. Darcy was a bit naughty though and ran away so mummy had to use our whistle to try and get her back!

We really hope the weather is a bit better than last week as we got caught in our first hailstorm while we were out on one walk – we didn’t like it at all and ran back to the car.

Have a good week everyone and we’ll be back soon with more adventures.

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