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Puppy Tales - Week 11!

Mummy thinks it’s been an eventful week for us both but we think we’ve been pretty good as we’ve found mummy some lovely things while we’ve been out walking…..

I (Ruby) found a little dead mouse whilst in the bushes on the local field, I ran straight over to show mummy and she took it from my mouth and popped it in a poop bag! She didn’t like it when the tail got caught in the knot though! The following day, I (Ted) found a big dead bird on the field. This was very exciting and I didn’t really want to let it go. Mummy started jumping up and down and being very excited to try and get me to go to her (as the trainer had told her to do) but I was much more interested in my bird! Luckily for mummy a nice man came onto the field with his dog and he helped mummy catch me. Mummy removed the bird using a poop bag whilst trying not to let me, Ruby and the man’s dog get my bird. We’re not to sure what mummy’s issue is as we are gun dogs after all! Mummy was too traumatised to get photos of either of these two incidents for some reason!

We love playing with our Tiger Safari Stick Toy and haven’t managed to destroy it just yet despite both our best efforts! We have had a nibble at the kitchen wall though; eaten the rope off mummy’s “Lancashire Ladies like Prosecco” sign which was hung on the wall over the sofa and pulled apart Auntie Jacqui’s pompom off her bobble hat when she took us for a walk – it was just too tempting next to our crate!! Mummy must remember we are teething and not yet five months old so we can’t be good all the time!

We’ve had lots of different walks this week – we’ve been really enjoying puddle jumping on our local field.

As the weather hasn’t been too great, we have been getting quite muddy when we’ve been on a walk but we really like having a warm shower and sometimes a shampoo (if we are really mucky).

Our friend Tilly went to stay at our caravan this week so went up one day to have a walk with her on the beach. It was a really sunny day and there was no one around. We had such a lovely time!

Mummy took us on a new walk near to where our big brothers go to school, we got to meet a new friend called Bertie, the black Labrador. We had a great time running through the woods with him.

We went for a new walk off our local field with our friend Tess, it was great as there had been cows in the field and we are quite partial to the odd cowpat! It turned out to be a bit of an adventurous walk as mummy and Tess’ mummy ended up having to climb through a tree to get back onto the path! We thought it was pretty funny as we just trotted through with no trouble at all.

That’s all for this week, catch up with us next week and we’ll tell you all about our up and coming first visit to the groomers!

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