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Puppy Tales - Week 12!

So this week has been a little strange for us as daddy hasn’t been here. He had to go into hospital to make him better. Mummy has been very busy at home looking after us and everything else, so this week’s blog is a little short on decent photographs (sorry readers, from mummy).

We’ve tried our very best to be good for mummy this week, we’ve only had one little accident overnight and that was when the clocks went back – what’s that all about? We’ve been used to it still being dark when mummy comes in to let us out in the morning so we were super confused when it got light and she hadn’t been in! We do love our bed though and only did a little wee in the pen away from it.

Our trip to the groomers went well. Rachel said we were very good considering how young we still are. We both had a bath and then Rachel trimmed our ears and the fur between our toes and on the backs of our legs. I (Ted) got a bit bored though at one point and had a little chew on my lead. When we got outside it suddenly gave way and I broke free. I was very good though and went straight to mummy, who picked me up and carried me to the car.

Here we are looking smart after our groom with our new collars on. We’ve stuck with the Alcott Adventure range as they are perfect for us growing adventurous puppies!

Mummy went straight round to where all the Woof by Bailey stock is stored and picked up a new lead – it’s the Max & Molly multi lead so both Ruby and I are on one together! It’s a bit strange but we’ll get used to it I’m sure!

We are very lucky puppies as mummy also got us a new duck toy each – we love them so much but ours had been looking a little worse for wear.

Sorry mummy we’re too busy playing for you to get a really good photo of us with our new toys and collars!

We’ve had lots of lovely walks this week – some dry and some very wet – but we don’t mind. I (Ruby) have discovered that I really like jumping in the air when I have a stick to play with and I (Ted) really enjoy chasing Ruby when she does this.

Here we are having fun on our local field.

As daddy wasn’t well we were unable to take the test at puppy class as mummy couldn’t do it on her own. Natasha has been very kind and said we can go back whenever daddy is better to complete the course. Best get back to the training then!

Thanks everyone, catch up again with us next week.

PS We were five months old yesterday – how grown up are we now?!

PPS Daddy is now much better and back home with us all!

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