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Puppy Tales - Week 15!

WARNING – this week’s blog includes quite a squeamish account involving a dead bird!

It’s been all about the beach this week for us. Topped off this morning with an impromptu walk at Rossall after our big brother’s moped wouldn’t start so mummy had to take him to school. We were already in the car so seemed silly to go elsewhere.

We had lots of fun despite the fact that the tide was coming in and in mummy’s words it was a rather ‘bracing’ walk.

Earlier in the week we had to go up to our caravan (only for the morning though as no overnight stays allowed) so that mummy and daddy could take delivery of the new sofa for the lounge area. We had great fun testing it out! We also got to have a lovely run on the beach at Morecambe Bay - we had the whole beach to ourselves and found some really good sticks to play with. Afterwards daddy did something called ‘drain down’ and mummy emptied the fridge as we don’t know when we’ll next get to stay. We hope it’s soon as we love it there.

In the middle of the week we met our friends Tilly, Murphy and Alfie on the beach as it was Alfie’s mum’s special birthday. Mummy and her friends had to walk in two twos because of lockdown restrictions - thankfully the rules don’t apply to dogs.

After the walk the adults had chips and gravy on the prom. We all sat very nicely and waited for them to finish.

Thanks to lockdown the golf course is closed so we can cut through from our local field and have great run around . We did this a few times this week. We had a great run with Fudge and Tess one day. Look at us all chasing around.

However, one morning started off really well but then ended up not so well for mummy. The sun was shining (which has been rare this week) and mummy was taking lovely photos of us like the one below.

I (Ted) spotted something on the grass so went to investigate. How exciting! I found a dead magpie! What a find. I quickly grabbed it in my mouth and set off charging around with it. Mummy was very keen for me to give it to her but I did not want to give up my prize. I did eventually drop it and mummy tried to pick it up quickly (in a poop bag) when Ruby swooped in from the side and snatched it up! I was not happy with this so grabbed the bird’s head fully in my mouth (well, a bit of beak was hanging down) and Ruby and I started pulling really hard.

Pop! It’s head came off at the neck! Ruby soon got bored and dropped the now headless body which mummy quickly scooped up in a poop bag. I ran off with the head with mummy running after me – I wasn’t going to give her a chance to get this bit back, so in just a few gulps, I ate it – whole! Beak and everything.

Mummy didn’t seem too impressed but at least the drama was over…… or so she thought. Ruby did a little poop so mummy bent down to clean it up and in doing so dropped the headless dead body (tied up in a poop bag) onto the floor where I quickly snatched it up and ran off again! Mummy was jumping around like a mad thing but I did not want to give up my bird again. Mummy was quite glad that the golf course was empty as she really wasn’t having a very good time and might even have sworn a little! I did feel sorry for her so eventually I dropped it and mummy grabbed it and dropped it into a bin.

Mummy went home and had a strong coffee as at 9am she said it was too early for gin or wine.

We’ve then spent quite a lot of time this week playing fetch in the kitchen…….

After all the drama we went and had a little lie down on the sofa. Look at us snuggled up with our handmade “Bailey” cushion.

Come back next week for more stories from us.

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