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Puppy Tales - Week 20!

We’ve had a great week with lots of walks meeting up with our friends. Despite only being six months old we do seem to have lots of lovely pals! After 10 days of just lead walks and having to wear plastic cones we have certainly made the most of our freedom.

The beach has been a bit of a favourite, especially for me (Ted) as mummy lets me run around without my little muzzle on at Cleveleys/Rossall as it is very clean with not much for me to pick up and eat!

We had a trip to St Anne’s beach too to meet up with Tilly, Tess, Lola, Tara and Meg. It was a bit of a chilly day so mummy only managed the one photo of us all (minus Tilly who ran out of shot). Mummy was pleased that I (Ted) had my muzzle on that day as you can see on the picture I’m making a beeline for that piece of litter!

We’ve also been out and about on the golf course and cow field locally. The weather has been pretty wet though so even when it’s not been raining we still get pretty muddy. We are very good at having a shower though when we get home. Our favourite part is getting rubbed dry afterwards in a big warm towel.

One of the walks on the beach we bumped into our friends Watson, Jinsol and Raff. We were already out with Murphy, Tilly, Darcy and Bo so when we all got together it was chaos! Luckily we didn’t knock anyone over despite all our charging around.

We also met a new friend this week – Sharon the Boston Terrier who was staying with Tilly and Auntie Jacqui. Once Auntie Jacqui had stopped laughing at my (Ted’s) “Hannibal Lector” face attire – she took a lovely picture of us with Sharon.

That’s all for this week folks and for this year as we are going to take a break from the blog over the Christmas holidays to spend time with the family. We hope you all have a lovely festive season and wish you all lots of love for the New Year.

We’ll be back in 2021 with more stories of our adventures.

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