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Puppy Tales - Week 22!

It’s been an eventful end to the week for us pups, well mainly just me (Ted). Let’s put it this way, mummy spoke way too soon last week when she said how good I’d been at not eating everything. More about that later……

The weather has been all over the place this week with frosty days, dry sunny afternoons and wet and miserable ones too.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time at the beach as mummy finds it easier here as there is less for me (Ted) to eat. We love chasing after the ball when the tide is out and it’s even nicer when the sun is about to set.

Another reason why mummy likes the beach is because it is really easy to social distance here!

The beach isn’t the best place when it’s windy and raining though so when the weather is bad we go for a woodland path walk not far from our house. On this day we met mummy’s friend so she had some company too while we ran about with Murphy and Tilly.

When the weather is dry and we get to the beach and the wind isn’t too cold for mummy to take her gloves off, mummy tries to take arty photographs of us for our blog. Here’s two of her attempts. We think she needs a bit more practice – sorry mummy! Although we do look like we are watching the sunset on one of the pictures.

We love it when it’s cold and frosty as everything smells so different and the grass on the field is really crunchy under our paws. Mummy likes it too as we don’t get quite as muddy and the frozen field is much easier to walk on rather than trudging ankle deep in mud.

Anyway back to my (Ted’s) misdemeanours….. mummy had enjoyed a really lovely walk and catch up with her friend whilst we had been having fun with Tara and Lola.

We were nearly back at the car when I (Ted) found a child’s woolly glove and decided I really didn’t want to give it to mummy or her friend so I ate it – whole! As it’s something that won’t break down, mummy had to take me to the vets to get the special injection to make me sick She wasn’t very happy with me as I did this on Sunday afternoon so our vets was closed and we had travel to the emergency vets and pay a lot of money to make me better. It’s a good job mummy loves me isn’t it? According to the vet nurse I had also eaten a receipt, some tissues, sweet wrappers and sticks! I’d been careful not to let mummy see me do all this! I think I might be wearing my muzzle a lot more again now.

So this brings us to earlier today, with a low tide and fairly dry weather, mummy took us to the beach. I (Ted) am normally good at the beach as there isn’t usually a lot for me to eat but this morning whilst Ruby was chasing after the ball, I (Ted) found half a dead fish and decided to eat it!! Mummy wasn’t very happy with me at all and I spent the rest of the walk on the lead. Mummy did speak to the vets but was told just to keep an eye on me and expect an upset stomach. So far I feel fine with no sign of the fish reappearing. After this morning’s little incident though, daddy has ordered two more muzzles so that mummy can put them in her car and coat pocket so she always has one with her for me to wear.

I (Ruby) just don’t get what the attraction is in eating weird stuff, I mean I like to pick stuff up too as I’m just as curious but I tend to listen to mummy when she says to leave or drop. Perhaps it’s a boy versus girl thing?

It’s a good job that I (Ted) am super cute and love lots of cuddles so that mummy will always forgive me. Here we both are on mummy and daddy’s bed again at the weekend enjoying a good old chew on a piece of antler each.

More from us next week, with mummy hoping for something less eventful I think!

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