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Puppy Tales - Week 25!

Look at us! We are now eight-months-old already – how did that happen?

It’s been a beach kind of week for us two again. We’ve had chance to catch up with some of our friends too. We met Ralphie at Rossall beach and had lots of fun chasing two balls between the three of us with both mummy and Ralphie’s mummy on throwing duty. It was quite a chilly day though so mummy didn’t get many photos.

We then had to go to St Anne’s beach later in the week to meet our friend Tilly as the tide times weren’t great at Rossall. It’s so crazy considering it’s just along the coast but we walked/ran for ages straight out towards the sea and still didn’t quite get to dip our toes in the water! You have to look carefully on this picture but you can just see us. Tilly was a bit camera shy as she was too busy digging for razor clams!

We then met Tara and Lola at Rossall beach for ball chasing at the weekend. It was absolutely freezing though and we were glad to get back to the warmth of the car.

There was a little bit of snow one morning on the local field which was fun but it didn’t last long.

As we’ve said before one of the best things about being lockdown is being able to walk on the golf course. We really love it on here as there’s lots of space to run and fun sandpits (bunkers) to play in. We will really miss playing on here once the course starts being used again.

This week I (Ted) was really good as I found a whole dead bird on the golf course but I didn’t pick it up and went straight to mummy when she called me. I was much more interested in my ball than the bird. What a good boy am I?

By far the dirtiest walk we’ve ever had was at the weekend at Skippool with our friend Tess. My goodness there was so much mud! We weren’t too bothered though but it did take two showers and a shampoo to get us all clean again.

Look how good we are getting showered at home now – we both used to runaway but now we stand really still while mummy gets us clean.

We’re off to the beach this afternoon with grandad so bye for now and catch up with us again soon.

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