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Puppy Tales - Week 27!

We’ve had lots of fun on our walks this week. The weather has been warmer which has been nice but this meant no more clean walks on a frozen field. Look at the state of us here covered in mud! The joys of being a working cocker.

Given how dirty we were getting from the field, we have been to the beach a few times this week. We had two lovely walks with our buddies Watson, Jinsol and Raff. Watson is very funny as he isn’t interested in running after the ball like we are but he likes to chase us and then hang off one of my (Ruby’s) ears!

We also had a couple of walks with Murphy and Tilly at the beach and thankfully the weather was kind.

On one of the walks mummy threw the ball and it landed right next to a whole dead fish – just the right size for inquisitive little puppies to eat. But……. result! We both left it alone and carried on running for the ball when mummy threw it again.

This isn’t the only good news story from this week. On one walk on the golf course, I (Ruby) picked up the whole wing of a dead bird but after a couple of attempts at being told to “leave it” I did just that. I (Ted) was even more good as I didn’t try and pick it up when Ruby dropped it.

Only yesterday when we were out with mummy on the golf course I (Ted) picked up a discarded tissue and had it in my mouth – a couple of weeks ago I would have just swallowed it down whole in one gulp – but mummy said “leave it” so I spat it out and went for my ball instead. We then both ignored a bit of dead bird later on the same walk. Mummy is so pleased with us both!

Even though we are brother and sister we have different personalities which are really starting to develop now. I (Ruby) really like to be warm and cosy and am usually found lying next to the Aga in the kitchen but this week I tried out the radiator in the front lounge!

I (Ted) am a bit of a shoe thief. If anyone in the house leaves an unattended slipper, shoe or slider then I like to sit or lie with it for a while. I never ever chew them though. Here I am with mummy’s slipper on the sofa.

One thing we both like to do is snuggle and cuddle though. Think it’s a spaniel thing.

See you next week guys! Keep an eye on our Woof by Bailey social media accounts this week as there may be some special offers coming your way……..

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