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Puppy Tales - Week 28!

Hooray for the sunshine this week. Not that it’s been nice every day – in fact on Tuesday it was raining so hard that mummy’s jacket and waterproof trousers leaked. She wasn’t happy and she didn’t take any photos that day!

We’ve had some fantastic afternoon walks on the beach at Rossall. The sunsets have been really lovely according to mummy – we tend not to notice as we are too busy running after the ball.

We have been lucky with the weather at the beach – one of the days was quite warm so we decided to brave the sea and have a little paddle. Grandad thought it was funny watching us tip-toeing about.

Most of the time on the beach we just love the open space to run around while mummy or grandad or daddy throws the ball for us.

After all the rain on Tuesday we went onto the golf course the day after and met our friend Tilly the Labrador. The rain had left some really big puddles and Tilly loves running and jumping in them – it looked lots of fun so we decided to join her.

We met some friends at St Anne's beach this week too. We had a good run about and managed not to eat anything despite finding both dead birds and dead fish! Lola's mummy wasn't so lucky as Lola likes to roll on top of dead birds which makes her all smelly and needing a bath!

Given that we can still walk on the golf course as it can’t open until the end of this month we’ve enjoyed some lovely walks on there this week. It was quite frosty one morning.

Whatever the weather we just love to be outside for our exercise and we were both really good the other day as we found a face mask and both left it alone when mummy told us to leave it. Mummy picked it up carefully (using a poop bag) and put it in the bin.

Look at me (Ruby) on this picture I look like I’m flying – if you look carefully you can see the spray from the morning dew as I'm running that fast!

We’ll leave you with a little action footage of what we do best. Have a good week guys and don’t forget to check out the rest of the Woof by Bailey website – there’s 20% off birthday bones and food and drink toys using code celebrate20

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