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Puppy Tales - Week 32!

We started the week off on a high as we both went to the groomers for a haircut. We had both been looking pretty untidy and unkempt. We were very good at the groomers and didn’t chew anything! Look at how smart and clean we both look.

We’ve been good at home this week too and not eaten any more plants or items of clothing.

The weather has been pretty mixed with some really lovely walks in the spring sunshine but then there have been some pretty grim ones in the wind and the rain.

We met up with our friend Murphy this week and did the full circuit walk around the old De Vere hotel We didn’t like the part where you go passed the back of the zoo where the lion enclosure is. We can’t see them but we know they are there!

We went to the beach with Grandad again this week – he did all the ball throwing as he wanted to exercise his right arm ready for playing tennis once the lockdown restrictions are lifted. We are so pleased that lockdown doesn’t apply to puppies!

There was an impromptu walk on the cow field this week as there was a big tractor cutting the grass on our usual field. We were then going to go on the golf course but there was someone cutting the grass there as well. We’re not too fussed where we walk as long as someone is throwing the ball for us.

We had a second trip to the beach this week, this time with Rianne and Murphy. Mummy was a bit rubbish and didn’t get any photos of us with Murphy but he was there we promise!

The weather then took a turn for the worse and there was lots and lots of rain which meant lots of lovely muddy puddles for us to jump in. It’s our new favourite thing playing in water.

That’s all for this week but we have a busy one ahead as hopefully we are meeting up with our friends Watson, Jinsol and Raff this week, plus we have a puppy check appointment at the vets.

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