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Puppy Tales - Week 33!

Double figures for us tomorrow as we will be a whopping 10-months-old and we have certainly been double trouble this week too!

We’ve had a great week with lots of walks with our pals as the lockdown restrictions have eased so mummy can walk with up to six other people – this means loads of fun for us.

The weather has been pretty good with some amazingly warm days but it has now turned much chillier. Nonetheless, we’re happy to be out and about with our friends in the sunshine, mainly on the beach at Rossall.

We met up with the rest of the Woof by Bailey team earlier this week and mummy almost got a full team photo but as usual Raff was busy doing his own thing!

We did venture onto the playing fields this week and met up with our friend Tilly, when we were in the far corner we realised that there are now lots of young cows in the field behind. As you can see from the photo we didn’t really like the look of them!

As mentioned in the introduction, we have been little scamps this week though. Daddy was working in the office in the garden and mummy was doing her fitness class on zoom in another room and we were just a little bit bored. So while we were playing we ended up flipping the rug in half and we gave the binding underneath a good old chew, Mummy was not very happy with us at all! We had also had another nibble at the wicker toy basket!

We had our puppy health checks at the vets this week and both passed with flying colours. The vet said we are super fit and healthy. In fact, she said that I (Ted) have a puppy six-pack!

The Easter bank holiday weekend was spent walking at the beach. We had a fantastic but rather busy team walk on Good Friday with our friends Watson, Jinsol and Raff plus Ralphie, plus two new friends Wilf and Woody. We all got very sandy and both mummy and Ralphie’s mummy lost balls in a sticky sandy muddy pool but it was lots of fun. With so many dogs running about it was tricky for mummy to get a full team photo.

We’ve then had a couple of walks on the beach with Grandad and on one of the days Murphy and Tilly came too. Here we are playing with our ball in a puddle which we really like to do.

Although very sunny and stunningly clear, yesterday’s walk on the beach was pretty chilly due to the cold wind. We didn’t mind but mummy and Grandad both had cold ears and hands by the end of the walk. Listen to the wind on the little video clip below.

That’s all from us for this week. Hope you all had a good Easter and remember don’t eat chocolate it’s not good for us pups!

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