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Puppy Tales - Week 34!

What a week of weird weather and some fabulous walks.

We have to admit we are loving the new rule of six as it means mummy gets to see her friends and we get to go on lovely big walks with our pals too.

After such big walks we do tend to crash out on the sofa in the evening though – as do mummy and daddy!

The weather has been all over the place this week – look at the difference between these two photos below on the local field. One is lovely sunshine and the other is in the snow – in April!

We had a great walk with lots of pals at Roddlesworth Reservoir. We did try to get a team photo but it was an epic fail as no one would still for long enough. We had lots of fun running through the woods with Tara, Lola, Tilly and Meg. We even had a little swim with Meg in the reservoir.

The weather was really good at the weekend and we went on a couple of team walks on the old route across the fields. We haven’t been able to walk there since we were tiny as there have been lots of sheep there over the winter. We absolutely love it as there is lots of open space to chase the ball and also a few ponds for us to explore!

Auntie Jacqui got us all to sit nicely in the sunshine for a team photo of us all. Here we are with Tilly, Murphy, Alfie and Sharon.

The following day we had a good run around with our Brittney Spaniel friends Darcy and Bo as well. We were all running around too much for mummy to get a decent photo though.

We do like snoozing in the sunshine and are hoping for more sunny days soon.

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