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Puppy Tales - Week 37!

This morning we had a very, very, very wet walk with daddy. The wettest walk we’ve had for a very long time. We didn’t care though as we had great fun running around after the ball and playing with Georgie, Murphy and Tilly. Daddy did have to give us a good wash and dry when we got back.

Here we are keeping an eye on him while we dry off.

Ruby thought daddy had missed a bit so she gave me (Ted) an extra little clean.

This isn’t our first full clean of the week though as this week we discovered the dyke for the first time! Mummy was not pleased at all when we disappeared and came back looking like we had black boots on, oh and boy did we pong! Tilly’s dad thought it was hilarious as it’s usually her that goes in the dyke and gets all filthy and stinky. Mummy is hoping we don’t do it again!

We had a great walk on the big fields this week with lots of our friends including Sharon the Boston Terrier pup who tries her best to keep us with us both.

It was all going really well until I (Ruby) decided to go for a little dip in a pond and I (Ted) followed her as I didn’t want to miss out. Only thing is I (Ruby) dropped the ball and so daddy and Georgie’s daddy had to climb over a fence and use a big stick to push it to the side and then use the ball thrower to grab it. They did it!! Good old daddies!!

We must admit we do love our toys and one of our favourites is the good old rope toy as we just love playing tug of war with it. Have a look at this video… You can get a pack of four of these on our website!

After a good walk and playing around there is nothing we like more than a good old snooze in bed – sometimes we get into the funniest positions!

At weekend we managed to get to the beach at low tide with all our pals – Murphy, Tilly and Georgie plus our Woof by Bailey besties Watson, Jinsol and Raff. Lots more beach to run around on this time and the mummies and daddies even treated themselves to an ice-cream afterwards!

Have a good week everyone…..

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