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Puppy Tales - Week 38!

Check us out in the back of mummy’s car! We love travelling in here because I (Ruby) really like to look out of the window to see where we are going - or rather where we have been! Big news this week too as we were a huge 11-months-old! Only four more weeks until our first birthday……

The weather hasn’t been great this week as we’ve had quite a bit of rain – look at us here on the field we found the only puddle to stand in and drop the ball.

We had a lovely surprise at the weekend as we went up to the caravan with mummy and daddy. We do love it there, although this time we couldn’t go on the beach as the tide was very high plus all the rain meant there was a real risk of quicksand.

Instead of the beach we had a great walk through the woodland on Arnside Knott and finished off on the dog walking field.

Us in the woods.....

On the dog walking field....

After the walk we went back to the caravan to chill out. We had lots of fun playing hide and seek and climbing on the cushions on the sofa.

Here’s me Ted trying to hide from Ruby!

And here’s me Ruby trying to sit on all the cushions!

Going out for a walk/run is our absolute favourite thing in the whole world. Here we are waiting for daddy to hurry up and get ready and take us out.

On Sunday before we came home, mummy and daddy took us on a new walk for us but one that they used to love doing with Bailey (our big brother and inspiration for this website). The walk takes you over limestone pavements which are quite tricky to negotiate and then you end up at the “Pepperpot” a monument built to celebrate the reign of Queen Victoria.

Here we are trying to be good and sit still so that mummy could take a few photos.

More from us next week….

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