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Puppy Tales - Week 40!

Road trip up to the caravan for us lucky pups this weekend.

We absolutely love our walks around Arnside and Silverdale. This is one of mummy’s favourite spots to take a photograph as she has lots of pictures and happy memories of Bailey sat in this very spot.

It was a very exciting trip this time too as we travelled in style in a sports car. We have a special travel crate to go in which is fixed in place with lots of straps. We loved the view when we weren’t sleeping!

Saturday was lovely and sunny although quite windy. After a little run on the dog field, we headed down onto the beach in the bay and almost had it to ourselves!

We then headed through the woods to the pub where we had a nice bowl of water and mummy and daddy enjoyed a much deserved pint.

We were absolutely exhausted after our big walk and crashed out for the evening on the sofa.

On Sunday the weather was a little damp and the tide was in so we headed for the woods, we met a new friend on our walk. We weren’t too sure what to make of him or her at first!

The rest of the walk was lovely, we had lots of bushes and trees to run through and sniff about in

Earlier in the week we had lots of fun playing on the big fields in all the long grass – can you spot us?!

Join us again next week!

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