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Puppy Tales - Week 42! It's our birthday!

Woohoo! We are one today! Happy birthday to us!

What a fantastic birthday week we’ve had. The weather has been fabulous and we’ve been up to the caravan not once but twice as it’s been the school holidays.

Before we get to all the nice stuff though, mummy wasn’t best pleased with us earlier this week. She was having a little snooze on her day bed in the garden with her headphones on (silly mummy!) We decided that we’d dig a little hole – unfortunately all the soil went onto to the path and mummy was even more cross when we both joined her on her sun-lounger with our muddy paws and muddy faces!

We also had a surprise but lovely team walk on the local field this week. Mummy had no idea that Watson, Jinsol, Raff, Woody, Wilf and Seve were going to there. We love team walks as there is always lots of treats! Look at Watson in the air on this pic.

Like we said we’ve had a great week as we’ve had a couple of trips up to the caravan. On the first trip our big brother slept on the sofa bed in the lounge which we thought was fantastic fun! Alex is under that duvet somewhere!

We had some lovely walks on the beach in the cove.

Over the weekend we went to the caravan again, this time with our auntie and uncle. We went on our biggest walk ever. We took lots of water as it was quite sunny but the ‘hoomans’ had planned the walk very well so that we kept nice and cool. First we walked around the headland to the estuary.

When we got to the estuary the current wasn’t too strong so we had a lovely dip in the water to cool off.

We spent most of the walk in the woods though so that we were mainly in the shade and we got to have a good old sniff around in the trees and undergrowth.

We were shattered after such a big walk but following a good night’s sleep we were ready to go again. There was a lovely breeze in the morning, so we headed down onto the beach in the bay. We were the only ones there for ages and had such a great time.

The tide was on it’s way in so we were able to walk out to the shoreline and then daddy kept throwing the ball into the water for us which was fantastic fun.

We are such super lucky puppies – living our best life!

Join us next week for more adventures.......

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