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Puppy Tales - Week 44!

Uh oh! We’ve done it again! We’ve been lucky with the weather this week and needed a bit of cooling off so we took another dip in the dyke and ended up dirty and smelly again.

Mummy gave us a very thorough shower and shampoo to make us all lovely and clean again.

We’ve been on the local field a few times this week, mainly early in the morning so we don’t get too hot running after the ball. If we do get a bit warm mummy takes some water for us so we don’t overheat. We do sometimes have a little rest though.

Running after the ball is one of our favourite things to do. We think we’re getting quite fast now.

We’ve had a couple of team walks behind the De Vere this weekend which we haven’t done for a long time. We can’t really have the ball thrown there as the path is a bit too narrow for us. We were very good and didn’t pick up anything to eat – well except for the horse poop but everyone was doing that – Murphy, Alfie, Georgie and even Tilly!

On the walk we all heard quite a scary noise so stopped to listen.

The mummies went over to see what was going on and if you look closely on the picture below you can see a very large male lion in his pen at the zoo! Now that’s not something you see very often on a dog walk!

The great part about this walk is that there are lots of ponds to swim in. I (Ruby) love swimming, I (Ted) am still a little unsure.

After all our walks there is nothing better than snuggling up on the rug or in bed for a good old nap.

Cath up with you all again next week…..

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