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Puppy Tales - Week 45!

We’ve been back to the beach this week for a few of our walks – it is our favourite place as we get to charge around after the ball and have a quick cooling dip in the sea too.

Having a swim with our friend Darcy on this one.

We also had fun in the long grass on the big fields this week. You can only just see me (Ruby) on this one – I look a bit like a Meerkat!

The long grass has been so much fun for running and jumping, have a look on the little video below.

After all this excitement we always have a big drink of water from the bowl that one of the nice neighbours fills up for all us thirsty pups. We did share with our friend Sharon I promise.

Shock, horror, later in the week though – all the long grass has gone! Great for finding the ball and mummy’s hay-fever but just not quite as much fun. Here we are with Sharon and Murphy.

Another trip to the beach at the weekend and wow what a massive turn out! There were a few ‘hoomans’ and 11 dogs. We had an absolute ball. It was impossible for mummy to get a photo with everyone on though – this is the best of the lot!

Short but sweet this week from us I’m afraid. We best go as we need to keep a close eye on daddy whilst he cooks some special steak for the family tea as we celebrate big brother Alex turning 15-years-old today!

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