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Puppy Tales - Week 9!

Thank you for joining us for week 9 of our Woof by Bailey blog. It’s been pretty busy but mummy hasn’t been that good at taking photos of what we’ve been up to, anyway here goes.

We went for a walk on the ‘big’ fields with Murphy last week and had lots of fun. Murphy didn’t mind us jumping up at him a bit while we had a play. It was raining a lot and mummy was very impressed with our recall as we came back to her every time!

We’ve been to our local field a few times this week. The weather has been very mixed – some days lovely and sunny and others quite wet and rainy.

Here we are enjoying a good smell in the sunshine…

And here we are puddle jumping with our friend Tilly!

We went on our first big team walk around the ‘big’ fields this week – we had a really good play with everyone and made two new friends – Alfie and Georgie as well as Tilly and Murphy. Mummy didn’t take any photos as she forgot as she caught up with her friends. Daddy didn’t take any either. Will try harder for a team photo this week……..

Dog training this week with Natasha didn’t go that well for mummy as she had me (Ruby) and I’m far more interested in sniffing smells everywhere than walking on the lead to heel. Mummy and daddy both had to hold a cup of water on their lead wrist and walk up and down to see if they spilled any. I (Ruby) kept darting about so mummy lost half of her water. I (Ted) am quite good at walking to heel because I get lots of treats when I do it right so daddy hardly spilled any! We got beaten by Milo though as his mummy didn’t spill a drop. Daddy found the whole thing hilarious as nearly all our lead training is down to mummy! Natasha also played some loud sounds to see how we reacted. I (Ted) did not like the fireworks, where as I (Ruby) wasn’t bothered at all. Mummy and daddy are going to play firework sounds randomly so that we get used to it. We were both really good with cars, trucks and tractor noise though. More lead practice in order this week along with ‘stay’ which we also find quite boring!

We went to the caravan at the weekend and went on a very wet walk with our friend Tess. As it was so wet mummy didn’t get her phone out to take any photos but we happily posed for one back in the dry.

We had a much drier walk the following day in the sunshine.

Unfortunately, I (Ted) have had a couple of days of sloppy poops so mummy thought it best to get me checked out at the vets. It was my first time in the car crate on my own and the first time at the vets on my own. I was very well behaved and have just got a little virus and need to take some special paste to make me better.

It was the first (long) time for me (Ruby) to be at home without Ted. I wasn’t too keen at first but soon settled down and enjoyed having the whole bed to myself. But I have to say I much prefer sharing and cuddling up with my brother. I need to look after him while he’s a bit under the weather.

Join us next week for more Puppy Tales!

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