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Comfortable and secure - the Max & Molly "H" Harness


The Max & Molly harness provides you with the safety your beloved dog needs. The special H-shape is comfortable, supportive and easy to adjust, so your dog will get used to it in no time. Besides safety, comfort for your dog is very important. The sandwich construction consisting of an extra strong polyester on the top, soft padding on the inside and neoprene on the bottom gives your dog a pleasant feeling and enables quick drying after a wild walk in the wet. A harness gives you piece of mind when exercising your dog, especially with larger dogs who may be more difficult to control while going for a walk.


Our unique sandwich construction:

  • A thick layer of extra strong polyester on top, soft padding inside for that extra comfort and a modern easy drying anti-allergic neoprene material on the bottom.
  • It also has an extra D-ring on the neck part for training purposes.
  • All metal parts are beautifully brushed and you can adjust it so it will fit perfectly on any dog.


Sizes: XS, S, M, L. Please view our size chart for detailed information.

Material: Polyester, neoprene

Care instructions: Gentle machine wash. No tumble drying.


Matching collar and lead options available.

Donuts Harness - From £22.00

  • XS

    Weight to 9 kg, Neck 24-39 cm, Chest 1.0 x 32-40 cm


    Weight to 22 kg, Neck 30-46 cm, Chest 1.5 x 41-52 cm


    Weight to 27 kg, Neck 36-58 cm, Chest 2.0 x 53-69 cm

    L Weight to 40 kg, Neck 46-77 cm, Chest 2.5 x 70-98 cm