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Puppy Tales - Week 14!

Well, we’ve had a great week with our Auntie Jacqui while mummy and daddy and the boys have been away. So that we wouldn’t destroy anyone else’s house, Auntie Jacqui moved in here with us. She did bring our friend Tilly too, but she is 12-years-old and I think we were a bit too full on so Tilly went home and just came out for walks with us.

Here we are checking out puddles to jump into on a very wet walk.

We had lots of lovely walks with our friends Tilly and Murphy. We were very good for Auntie Jacqui and always came back to her when she called us. Look at how big our shadows are in the puddle!

Auntie Jacqui has been doing some training with us while mummy and daddy were away. I (Ted) got pretty good at ‘sit and wait’. Check out the video below.

Here we are, both demonstrating ‘sit and wait’ on the rug.

It was Bonfire Night this week and mummy was worried that we would be really scared of the fireworks as when we went to puppy class we both got a bit scared at the firework recording but I (Ted) was particularly bothered by them. I guess I’ve done lots of growing up since then as here’s me on the big night.

Mummy and daddy really missed us and we missed them too (and the boys) but we did have a really lovely time with Auntie Jacqui too.

See you all next week for more adventures…….

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