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Puppy Tales - Week 46!

It’s not been the best week for poor mummy! We were out on the big fields with our pals Murphy, Tilly, Alfie, Darcy and Bo when mummy went over on her ankle very badly. She couldn’t put any weight on it so couldn’t walk. Luckily, mummy’s friends are amazing and carried her across three fields so that daddy could meet us all in the van.

Mummy had to go to hospital as it looked like it might be broken, but after an X-ray she was told it was just a very bad sprain.

Don’t worry though everyone, we’ve been looking after mummy very well!

Since mummy has been injured daddy has been taking us out and we’ve had fun on the big fields and at De Vere.

The day before mummy hurt herself we went to the beach with Grandad and had a fabulous time chasing the ball and jumping the waves in the sea.

Here’s a few photos from that walk and a little video clip.

As daddy has a day job and mummy is unable to take us out, we will be giving Puppy Tales a little break while mummy gets herself better.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before she’s back on her feet and taking us out again!

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