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Puppy Tales - Week 16!

A quieter week this week for us both which started with a trip to the vets. Don’t worry there wasn’t anything wrong – we are both signed up for puppy club which means we get monthly checks on our general health and weight and we also get our flea, tick and worming treatments.

We are pleased to report that we are both very fit and well. I (Ted) weigh a whopping 11.5kg and I (Ruby) weigh 9.5kg. The veterinary nurse was very pleased with us both and said we were very good puppies.

Here we are waiting for our appointment.

For a few weeks now mummy has been concerned about our poops and our food. She wasn’t sure if it was random stuff we ate whilst out walking which was causing it or if we were no longer suited to our food. Mummy decided to try us both on a new type of dried food. I (Ted) am happy to eat anything as I really like my food but I (Ruby) am much more fussy. A few days in and the new food is a big hit! I (Ruby) absolutely love it and no longer take an age to ate every meal. Success! Of course I (Ted) love it too.

This week we’ve mainly been at the beach at Rossall as big brother needed a lift to school as his moped has been at the garage getting mended. It’s been quite breezy. One day we bumped into Watson, Jinsol and Raff so had a great run about with them. In fact we are so fast now that the photos mummy took are pretty rubbish.

As it’s lockdown for mummy, the only way she gets to see her friends is dog walking, so we got to meet a new friend Ralphie this week on the beach at St Anne’s. We had a fabulous time as Ralphie is only a little bit older than us and also very fast at running.

In other news, mummy felt like she did her own “I’m a Celebrity” style challenge this week. She was walking down the cellar steps with some laundry when she heard something move and squeak! Mummy was convinced there would be a rat or something waiting for her. To her surprise there was a big black and grey tabby cat sat next to the washing machine! We had to be shut in our pen while mummy and daddy chased the cat around the cellar and eventually back out through the old cat flap. This has now been sealed up so we don’t get any more unexpected visitors.

See you all next week for more puppy adventures.

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