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Puppy Tales - Week 17!

Puppy Tales - Week 17!

We’re Ted and Ruby and we can’t believe this is the 17th week of our very own blog.

Another visit to the groomers for us today. We were very good and are now looking all neat and smart. The groomer used a metal chain lead this time so there were no more mishaps with leads snapping and us escaping!

Woodland walks and our local field and golf course have been the order of this week after spending so much time at the beach the last couple of weeks.

We have also been making good progress with lead walking to heel. Each evening Auntie Jacqui has been coming round and we go out with her and daddy. Auntie Jacqui is quite strict with us but we are getting pretty good at keeping to heel – until we get a really good smell! We’re not even six months old yet so we think we’re doing pretty good.

Mummy is fairly certain our big teeth are coming through! Every opportunity we get we chew on something – a toy or a stick, even a branch on a tree whilst out walking.

We are doing really well on our new food. Mummy is so pleased that she made the change. We both really love it and look forward to every meal time. Both mummy and daddy are much happy with our poops as well – both amount and consistency!

I (Ted) had another trip to the vets this week. I was playing with Ruby in the back garden and she is a little bit more agile than me. She jumped across the garden furniture and I followed but I didn’t make the gap and landed heavily on the floor on my back foot. I limped for a couple of days and didn’t get to go out as much but after a little bit of rest I am now fully fit.

It’s a big day for us tomorrow – although we don’t know it. We are both going to the vets to have a little op each so that neither of us can have little puppies. Mummy isn’t sure which she is fearing the most – putting up with two cone heads for a couple of weeks or the fact that we have to leave the house tomorrow without having any breakfast.

Wish us (all) lots of luck!

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