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Puppy Tales - Week 18!

Usually we have lots of stories about all the lovely walks we’ve been on. Well, this week has been quite a bit different.

It was the “big operation day” for us both (the one that means neither of us can have little puppies) so it’s been very weird for everyone, especially us as we have to spend a little while with these big plastic cone things on our heads!

However, it was in the balance as to whether I (Ted) would be able to have my operation as after last week’s blog went live, we both went out for one last run on the field and golf course with daddy. Whilst on the golf course, I (Ted) found a discarded surgical face mask and before daddy had chance to take it off me – I’d eaten it!

Both daddy and mummy were very worried about this as although I’ve eaten all sorts of things while out walking, this thing has looped string and metal in it and isn’t really very digestible. Mummy called the vets and I had to go in for an emergency appointment to be given an injection to make me sick. It worked and the mask came up (in it’s entirety) in the first lot of sick. I was sick a few more times and felt pretty rubbish afterwards. Luckily it didn’t last long and I was soon bounding around with Ruby and able to have my tea a couple of hours later than usual – good job as I wouldn’t be getting any breakfast! The vet said that as long as I had a settled night I would be fine to go in for my operation as planned.

PLEASE people don’t just carelessly throw your masks away, take care to dispose of them properly. Be very careful when you have them in your pockets not to drop them in public as they can be really quite dangerous to dogs and other animals.

The following day was a bit rubbish as mummy and daddy didn’t give us any breakfast despite us constantly reminding them! We then went in the car straight to the vets – I (Ted) couldn’t believe I was back there again so soon! We both had some special medicine to make us go to sleep and then we don’t remember a thing other than being given some yummy chicken to eat and we were both a bit tired and sore. We only had to stay for a day though, mummy and daddy came to pick us up before tea time. We both had a small cone on and Ruby had to have a special suit to cover her stitches. However, before we’d left the vets mummy noticed that I (Ted) could reach my stitches so I had to have a bigger cone. Now, my spatial awareness is somewhat lacking anyway according to mummy and daddy so with this thing on my head who knows what devastation I will cause!

We have been very good this week according to mummy and daddy as we are not allowed to go out walking properly. Although after our check up two days post op, the vet said we could both go out for two lead walks a day. More walking to heel practice for everyone! We normally have two beds in the one pen but so we aren’t tempted to lick or chew each other’s stitches in the night we are in separate pens until we get the all clear. We haven’t cried about this once, although as you can see we do still like to snuggle up together when we can.

It’s not been the best week for either of us really as we much prefer charging about on the beach, or the field to walking on the lead. We are back at the vets in a few days and we are keeping our paws crossed that we get the all clear and can ditch the cones and get back to running free. Until then we’ll keep taking our medicine like good little pups and obviously clattering mummy’s and daddy’s legs with our helmets!

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