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Puppy Tales - Week 24!

Another week of getting out and about locally for us two and we’re pleased to report no more eating incidents! In fact the leave, fetch and retrieve training seems to be paying off as just this morning we both ignored a hair ruffle on our walk as we were very keen to get back to fetching the ball.

We’ve had some lovely sunset walks on the beach this week, Grandad joined us again and he was throwing the ball for us to exercise his “tennis” arm as he’s not allowed to play at the moment. We love fetching the ball whoever throws it.

Here’s some more of us at the beach. As you can see it’s very easy to social distance! Who knew that would ever be an important thing to do?

We had a lovely walk earlier in the week with our friends Watson, Jinsol and Raff along the river at Stannah. Mummy had to be careful with her ball throwing here so we didn’t end up scrambling down the river bank. Not that you can see the river as it was a bit foggy.

We’ve been getting quite used to constant human contact as mummy and daddy are around all the time. They have been trying to leave us on our own a bit while daddy goes to work in the office in the garden and mummy gets on with jobs in the house. So far we’ve been really good. Here we are watching daddy “commute” to work.

We’ve also had some lovely morning and afternoon walks on the golf course – one of the added bonuses of lockdown!

The best news is that we are both being really good and not eating stuff when out and about or at home. Look at me (Ted) here on the sofa not eating mummy’s slipper even though that pompom is incredibly tempting.

We enjoyed a woodland walk this morning while mummy threw the ball and had a catch up with her friend for her birthday (the friend’s not mummy’s). We really enjoyed chasing the ball and the squirrels.

It seems to have been a tough week for the humans as January finally draws to a close. Here’s a final picture of us two snuggled up in bed together – even though we do fight from time to time – we do love each other really!

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