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Puppy Tales - Week 26!

There’s just one word to describe this last week – cold! Don’t get us wrong we’ve had some great walks but blimey some of them have been really chilly.

We’ve had lots of fun at the beach this week both Rossall and St Anne’s depending on the tide. The weirdest walk we had was at St Anne’s with both mummy and daddy (no one else was crazy enough to go) where we were playing in frozen sea water like snow. Bonkers! Here we are if you don’t believe us.

It was really, really windy too so mummy didn’t take too many photos but she did do a little video clip – you can almost feel how cold it was just by watching this.

But then we have also had some lovely sunset walks at Rossall beach with grandad.

However on the very same walk we did get caught in a freezing rain shower which wasn’t very pleasant!

It’s not all been about the beach for us this week, we met up with our friend Tilly at Stannah and even though it was cold, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous walk. Tilly’s mummy, Auntie Jacqui was really impressed with our recall and ball retrieval training. Pat on the back for mummy!

We also met up with our friend Ralphie again – this time on the field as Ralphie has had a poorly tummy we think from drinking salt water at the beach. Mummy didn’t do very well with camera this day though.

The good thing about the cold weather this week is that the field has pretty much stayed frozen so we haven’t been getting muddy on our walks. We don’t mind getting muddy but it’s made mummy and daddy very happy this week!

It was Valentine’s Day this weekend and what’s better than snuggles in bed!

We also had a lovely walk with our friend Freddie on the golf course but mummy was so busy catching up with her friend and throwing the ball that she forgot to take any photos for our blog! Naughty mummy – must try harder this week.

Stay safe everyone and catch up soon…….

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