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Puppy Tales - Week 29!

It’s been an up and down week for us two.

I (Ted) developed a bit of a limp with my right front leg so I’ve had to stay in the garden to have a little bit of exercise while Ruby has been fine so has been able to go to the beach, the field and the golf course. I’ve tried not to be jealous and I’m glad that after a few days rest I seem to be OK now and back to normal.

The main news for me (Ted) this week is that I had to have another trip to the emergency vets – nothing to do with my leg – I decided to eat one of mummy’s socks from the laundry bag! I’m not sure why I did it, maybe because I’ve felt a bit bored not going out properly. Typically I did this at weekend at 11.50am just as our regular vets was closing so daddy had to take me to the emergency vets much further away. I am very sorry mummy and daddy…….

The good news is I feel absolutely fine now! Mummy is not impressed as it’s another insurance claim to sort out. We have been so good though – we’ve both ignored face masks, dead fish, dead birds and all sorts of litter whilst out and about and I’ve never eaten anything at home before this.

We also got into trouble for knocking mummy’s rose plant off the kitchen windowsill earlier in the week. She wasn’t impressed to walk into the room and find soil, water, broken plant on the floor and me (Ted) running about with a plant pot in my mouth! We were only trying to see what daddy was doing in the garden. He was painting the new decking so not that exciting really. No photos available as mummy was too cross!

We had a lovey frosty walk at the beginning of the week – this was before my (Ted’s) limp started.

We also had a lovely time at the beach together with grandad even if it was a bit foggy.

Given Ted’s injury it meant that I (Ruby) got to go out on my own. It was a bit weird without my brother but I didn’t let it bother me.

Here I am at the beach and then on the golf course.

Meanwhile I (Ted) got to do some fun exploring in the back garden. Here I am checking out some of the plants.

Mummy managed to get a cute photo of me (Ruby) this week – sat in the toy box on the table. I’m not sure why I like it but every now again I like to sit in here. It does mean that Ted can’t get to the toys which is quite amusing!!

That’s all for this week folks. Mummy is hoping for a less eventful few days……

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