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Puppy Tales - Week 31!

Good news – resting worked and after a few days of lead walks mummy decided to take us to the beach for a run without the ball. We both absolutely love the beach and have really missed going. We had a lovely play in the sea jumping over the waves, we didn’t mind that is was a bit chilly. I (Ruby) then ended up having an impromptu first ever swim when I went into a pool that was a bit deeper than I thought – I went right under and mummy and grandad were a bit worried for a second but then I popped up and did perfect doggy paddle back to the side!

Here we are playing in the sea.

I’m afraid I (Ted) have been a little bit naughty this week though…. Mummy went upstairs to clean her teeth after breakfast and I just decided I wanted to play with mummy’s rose plant. Mummy caught me red-handed! She was not impressed with the soil and water that I’d left on the floor either! The plant has now been moved out of my reach. Mummy was equally unimpressed when she walked into the kitchen a day or so after this where she found one of her orchids on the kitchen floor and the pot smashed! Oops!

Guilty as charged.

We’ve really enjoyed getting out and about this week and after a few runs without the ball, mummy decided we could try and run after the ball again on the field. We loved it!

As you’ve seen and read in previous blogs, I (Ruby) really quite like sitting in the toy box so that Ted can’t get anything out – this week though he tried a different tactic and jumped onto the window sill to try and help himself.

We had another trip to the beach later in the week and had lots of fun with our friends Alfie and Tilly. Bo and Darcy were there too but they were off chasing seagulls so we didn’t really see much of them.

We went for a lovely walk on the golf course with our friends Tara and Lola. Daddy was throwing the ball for us but he did a bit of a rubbish throw and got our ball stuck high up in a tree! Here’s daddy trying to get it down while we watch wondering what on earth he is doing and also where did our ball go?! Luckily mummy had a spare ball with her.

From the golf course we went into the back field after mummy said there weren’t any trees there for daddy to lose the ball in! We had lots of fun running and jumping around after the ball.

Just to prove that I can be a good boy, here I am all snuggled up on the sofa with mummy’s slipper which is most definitely NOT chewed.

Have a good week everyone and catch up soon.

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