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Puppy Tales - Week 35!

Well, we’ve had the best weekend ever as we finally got to go back to the caravan after months of lockdown and boy have we missed it!

It feels like a lifetime since we were last in Silverdale and even though we were only there for one night we certainly made the most of it. We caught up with our old friend Meg and also met a new friend – Barney who is a very bouncy 5-month-old Golden Retriever. We had two big walks out on the Bay which was fantastic! On Sunday morning there was only us and mummy and daddy on the whole of the beach!

We just love running around here as we have so much space.

The best beach ever!

After our run we like to chill out either on the decking or in the caravan. Here am I (Ruby) enjoying the wonderful views keeping lookout.

Since we were last there mummy and daddy have got a new sofa for the lounge area, here am I (Ted) making myself at home.

We’ve been really lucky with the weather this week and haven’t seen any rain for a while, which is good news as it means we don’t get dirty when we go on the field any more. Here we are enjoying playing with the ball in the sunshine.

We like nothing more than chilling out and sunbathing, look at us lounging around on the back doorstep.

On some afternoons it’s been quite warm and we’ve got a little hot chasing the ball so we nip into the woods and cool down in the shade for a few minutes

Given the lovely weather, mummy and daddy have sat in the garden a few evenings and we’ve joined them. Here’s me (Ruby) patiently waiting for mummy to kick the tennis ball for me.

We couldn’t let this week’s blog pass by without mentioning that it was Grandma’s special birthday on Wednesday We had a barbecue in the garden with celebratory fizz – well the humans did – we weren’t allowed to join in! Happy birthday Grandma!

Join us for more news and fun next week……

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