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Puppy Tales - Week 43!

This week we’ve been “helping” mummy in the garden plant her patio pots. Well, not exactly helping but we did quite like sticking our noses in the compost! Mummy is really hoping that now we are one we won’t eat the flowers like we did last year…….

Earlier in the week we had a few team walks on the big fields. We have lots of fun with Alfie, Tilly, Murphy, Bertie, Darcy and Bo.

The long grass was becoming a bit of a nuisance though as we have lost a couple of balls in it. Look at me (Ruby) playing peekaboo!

We had a trip to St Anne’s beach this week with our friends Tara, Lola and Tilly - although Tilly is a little camera shy and isn’t on any of the photos that mummy took.

One day last week we went on the local field but there was a big tractor cutting the grass so we had to go onto the cow field. I (Ruby) kept eating the cow pats and had very stinky poop all day afterwards. Right at the end of the walk, much to mummy’s dismay, we found the dyke and went in for a dip! We came out black and very smelly and needed a full shower and shampoo.

We went to Rossall beach at the weekend with the gang and had a fab time running around after the ball.

It was quite warm so a few of us had a paddle in the sea too and the grown ups treated themselves to an ice cream from the van on the promenade.

Even though we can be a bit naughty sometimes, mummy thinks we are very gorgeous. Here’s me Ted just chilling in the kitchen.

Join us for more Puppy Tales next week.

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