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Puppy Tales - Week 5!

What a busy week we’ve had! We’ve had lots of fun playing in the garden at home, Mummy is trying to give us a bit more freedom but still keeps a close eye on us as she is paranoid that one of us will eat something and get poorly again. One day we found a great stick that was big enough to share so we ran around the garden with it together making mummy laugh.

We’ve had a few walks on our leads and both mummy and daddy are trying to get us both to walk to heel. We find that really boring as we’d rather run about, sniffing lots and generally causing carnage and tangling mummy and daddy up. But they keep insisting we do it properly – I (Ted) am better than Ruby as it’s actually quite easy and when you do it right you get lots of treats. I like treats – a lot!

We went to our first puppy training class with Natasha and some other puppies this week. We made four new friends. We also learnt how to sit and then lie down. We were both much better with recall to our own names. Natasha also pretended her phone was a scanner over our necks to check our microchips – we need to be good for this in case we ever get lost.

At weekend we went up to the caravan again – we really like it up there. Grandma and Grandad stayed with us too and we went on our first proper walk in the woods to the pub!

It was very exciting but a bit wet and muddy. Mummy wasn’t very pleased when we jumped up at her whilst she was trying to enjoy her G&T at the pub. We did make her a little bit muddy…… Everyone at the pub thought we were super cute and didn’t seem to mind when we put our muddy paws all over them. Mummy made us leave after one drink as she was worried that she was going to get a big cleaning bill from all the people we got muddy!

We were very tired after our proper walk so slept most of the evening. In the morning daddy and grandad took us onto the beach for a little walk. The tide had been right in so it was quite wet. We loved running about and splashing in the puddles. Grandad wasn’t very happy when we stole his flip flop though!

After the caravan we had to go and pick up big brother Alex who had a sleepover at his friend’s. Alex’s friend has two dogs called Lola and Tara so we went for a woodland walk with them and had lots of fun. We then played in their garden while mummy and daddy had a cup of tea.

We are very tired now but looking forward to lots more adventures this week…….

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