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Puppy Tales - Week 6!

Puppy Tales with Ruby and Ted - Week 6

It’s been quite a calm week here for us. We are getting into a little routine now where mummy or daddy takes us out on the field in the morning while the other one takes the big boys to school. We really like it on the field as we meet our friends – Tilly the Labrador and Monty the Spaniel. So far we are being very good with our recall and always come back when whistled or called. I (Ted) do quite like the muddy puddles though which for some reason mummy and daddy are not so keen on.

At puppy training this week we worked on sit, stay, stand and our trick. We are getting better but we were inside this week and there were lots and lots of smells which were very distracting! Both mummy and daddy are keen for us to walk to heel on the lead all the time so they have booked us an extra session with Natasha to work on this next week. Although we are quite happy going to the field in the crate in the back of mummy’s car.

We are getting more grown up too as we finally gave up our little supper of puppy milk this week. We are gutted as we loved it – but not as gutted as mummy and daddy who loved watching us have it. We also now eat all our food totally dry like the older dogs do. This is great as it means we don’t have to wait for it to cool down before eating it.

We then had a little holiday with our friend Bilbo the pug at our caravan at the weekend. We had a fabulous time showing him around. We went on the beach again which was great fun.

We think Bilbo had a good time with us - he really liked the beach but wasn’t too keen on eating his dinner in the bathroom so that I (Ted) didn’t eat his food instead!

That’s all for now – come back for more news next week……

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