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Puppy Tales - Week 7!

Wow! We’ve had a super busy week. Mummy and Nicky had some very important work to do for Woof by Bailey as they had their first competition winner to sort out. This meant Watson came round for a play with us. We really like playing with him as he’s about our size and lots of fun.

While we were away at the weekend Mummy decided to put the fluffy rug back in the kitchen hoping that we wouldn’t keep doing our business on it. It worked! We love snuggling up on it and wouldn’t dream of doing any wees and poops on it – result!

We’ve been having regular little walks/runs on the local field which we really enjoy but this week we had a real treat as it was Grandma’s birthday and she was staying at our caravan for a few days. We went up to see her and got an extra run on the beach at Arnside.

We saw Natasha twice this week for puppy training as we are focusing on walking to heel when on the lead. We don’t really like heel as it’s quite boring and means we don’t get to sniff as much as we like but mummy and daddy seem very keen for us to do it. We are trying we promise!

As we are being good with our recall, mummy took us for a walk with some more new friends – Murphy and Tilly (black Labradors) and Darcy and Bo (Spaniels). We had an absolute ball and we were very well behaved. Mummy had a lovely time too catching up with her friends – so much so that she forgot to take any good photos of us all together so we only have one with Murphy and Tilly!

How lucky are we as we got to go to the caravan again at the weekend. This time mummy and daddy’s friends came and Uncle Martin brought his drone with him. We didn’t really like the funny noise it makes but it got some good footage of us on the beach – if you watch carefully you see us try and trip daddy up which is always funny!

After our beach walk we settled down on the outside sofa under a cosy blanket while mummy and daddy and their friends enjoyed a glass of wine and the gorgeous sunset over the bay.

As if that wasn’t enough, mummy and daddy took us for a little walk somewhere new. We went to Stannah which is lovely country park along the River Wyre near where we live. There were lots of really good smells here for us. Mummy was a bit worried that we were going to join in someone else's picnic though!

What a week! See you all soon…….

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