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Puppy Tales - Week 8!

Another exciting week for us both. We had a daddy-day-care day at the start of the week as mummy and Nicky had some very important Woof by Bailey work to do. As all the events they had planned to attend this year have been cancelled, they decided they really should check out the WBB marquee and display stands. It was all brilliant and they are both looking forward to taking the Woof by Bailey stock to events across the UK next year if they are allowed to. Apparently we would have got in the way – Watson ended up in a big cardboard box according to mummy!

We’ve enjoyed lots of walks/runs on the local field and this week we went to the beach at St Anne’s with our friends Tess, Tara, Lola and Meg. We had lots of fun running around with everyone. We even saw Fleetwood Town Football Club doing some training on the beach. Mummy and her friends were very excited about this.

Dog training this week with Natasha was all about recall – we are actually both very good at this now and (almost) always come back to mummy and daddy when we hear our names. Mummy and daddy looked like star students for once as we were that good! I (Ted) need to learn to ‘stay’ for a bit longer but it’s just too tempting to shoot out the kitchen door into the hallway when mummy and daddy aren’t looking.

As we are still very young we do sleep a lot and we like nothing more than cuddling up together on the sofa or near the Aga where it is toasty and warm.

Mummy and daddy had a night away at the weekend, so Grandma and Grandad came to look after us. We were very well behaved but I (Ruby) ate something on the field and was then quite sick – poor Grandma! I soon perked up though and ate most of my tea.

We’ve actually lived at home with mummy and daddy for half our lives as we are now a whopping 16 weeks old! We are very lucky pups, why don’t you join us next week for more of our adventures……

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