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Week 2!!

Ted and Ruby Puppy Tales Week 2

What a week we’ve had! We went on an epic adventure to Arnside, Cumbria to stay in the family caravan. We were very good but as we’ve spent all of our first week at home either in the kitchen or outside we did get a little confused about the carpet and where to toilet. We were very lucky with the weather so Dad had to find a big box to lean against the pen so we had some shade. We also had more practice on our leads and met two new dog friends up there – Meg and Betsy who are both lots of fun. In fact, Meg’s mum was telling everyone that she’s no longer the cutest puppy on the site.

On our second night it had been so hot in the day that we had our first massive thunderstorm! We slept through it but mum and dad both said it was amazing! We were very good in the crate in the car both there and back as we slept both journeys.

We have also had our second training session with Natasha. We worked on our recall, so Natasha distracted one of us while the other was in the dog run and then mum and dad took in turns to blow the special whistle (which they have been doing before every meal and before our puppy milk) and call our names. I (Ruby) did very well and went straight to mum or dad on the whistle I didn’t even wait for my name. I (Ted) did pretty well as I looked up at the whistle and went to mum or dad when I heard my name called.

Natasha has also started to teach mum and dad how to do ‘sit’ using the clicker so we have been working on that skill too. Mum and dad want us to be good walkers so Natasha showed them a trick using a puppy treat to teach us to walk to heel. We have been practising these new skills all week.

As the weather has been so nice and sunny all week, we’ve spent a lot of our time on the patio or in the dog run which has confused us a bit as we think it’s OK to wee inside on the kitchen floor. Mum and dad don’t seem too happy when we do this so guess it’s something we need to work on. We have been very good at doing our number twos outside though.

As it’s been so hot we have been sleeping quite a lot because it is so tiring trying to do anything. Mum took advantage of this one afternoon and made a curry for dinner but she wanted us to sleep so took the blender into the hallway to chop up the onions and other vegetables! The things she’ll do to let sleeping dogs lie.

We have also spent time this week practising walking on our leads. We do still get very excited and we didn’t like the loud car when we were in the front garden!

We met Darryl the gardener this week too. He even mowed the grass in our run. Gosh he has lots of things that make a noise but we were very good with them all – mower, strimmer and even the really loud leaf blower.

With such good weather, mum and dad decided to go to the caravan again. We were good in the crate but we did chew the puppy pad a bit so mum thinks next time she won’t bother as we didn’t mess in it on either journey.

We are very lucky as our caravan is very near the beach so as the tide had been in and gone out mum and dad took us onto the beach for the very first time. We absolutely loved it and hope that we will get to run about on here lots and lots as we get older.

Mum said our recall on the beach was fantastic as we both came to her straight away when she blew the whistle.

After such a busy day we had a very chilled out evening at the caravan and watched the beautiful sunset over Morecambe Bay.

What an action packed week we have had. We wonder what this week will have in store for us……

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