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Week 3!

Puppy Tales – Ted & Ruby – Week 3

A little more chilled out this week for the two of us. We had another training session with Natasha and this week we are practising sit and stay and we have to do a trick each by next week! No pressure mum and dad but there’s a test!

Despite having lots of fun with our rope toys, mum thought it was time we ‘tested’ some different toys from Woof by Bailey. We both got a small duck toy and we love them. Mum is super impressed because we’ve had them a week already and we’ve only destroyed the label. They are really robust even when we play tug of war with one of them. We like the funny squeak noise too.

It was big day this week for our older brother who got his GCSE results – he passed them all so we celebrated by biting his toes whilst he was in his dressing gown getting his results online.

Mum didn’t have a good day though as she tried some different cleaning fluid on the back door mat to try and deter us from weeing on it – it didn’t go well and the mat is now in the utility room as the fluid bleached it!

We are getting better with going to the toilet but every now and then we do forget and have a little wee on the kitchen floor.

We went to the caravan again at the weekend, we really like it there. This time it was very wet and windy so no evening sunset but we had lots of fun ‘helping’ dad build a new outside table. As we have grown a bit we are now allowed on all the decking as we can no longer fit through the balustrades and escape!

Mum decided to try and take some nice arty photos of us both one evening. She thinks we are really photogenic, particularly when we are asleep.

We went to the vets today to have some more injections but when the vet checked the paperwork we were a few days too early! So we had a check-up and apparently we are doing very well and are very healthy. We go back in a few days for our injection and then our adventures can really begin.

We have a big day coming up this next week as we are doing our first photo shoot for Woof by Bailey! We are very excited about it and will tell you all about it next week……

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