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Week 4 - a little late!

Apologies for the delay in our blog this week, mummy is blaming a bank holiday or something?!

Anyway we’ve been having a busy time all in all. We did our first “modelling” job for Woof by Bailey which was great fun. We got to try on lots of lovely coats, jumpers and bandanas while Dane (Dane Hitchon Photograhy) took lots and lots of pictures of us. It was also the first time we met Watson (one of WBB’s other corporate dogs) he’s lots of fun and about our size, so we very much enjoyed playing and modelling with him. I (Ted) was probably the best model as I very quickly realised that if I just sat very nicely wearing whatever I was dressed in, mummy or Nicky gave me a treat. Great work if you can get it guys!!

Mummy and Nicky will be using the photographs on the Woof by Bailey website and on their social media posts – so look out for more photographs online soon.

We saw Natasha the dog trainer again this week. She thinks we are doing very well, considering we are only now just 12 weeks old. We worked on recall as we still get a bit confused and answer to each other’s names. But we are getting better. We also worked on sit and stay which we are improving at too. This was our last session at home on our own for now as next week we go to the proper puppy training classes at Natasha’s with lots of other puppies - so that will be fun.

After the mix up earlier this week at the vets we finally had our second injections. We were very good for the vet and for mummy – daddy had to look away as he’s not very good with needles.

As it was a bank holiday (basically an extra day at home with us for daddy and the boys) we all went up to the caravan to make the most of the weekend. The weather was lovely and we got to go on the beach again – twice – which we absolutely love doing.

Our two friends Meg and Betsy were there again and we had lots of fun playing with them on the grass area. We found a really big stick which was large enough for us to break in two and have half each. Mummy was really pleased that we brought it back to the caravan and left little bits of it everywhere for her to vacuum up.

Toilet training is going better this week too – we’ve been very good and haven’t done any poops on the pads in the pen overnight all week. In fact some mornings we haven’t even done any wees. We do occasionally still do a wee on the kitchen floor but we are definitely getting better at going outside.

Lots to look forward to this week and hopefully mummy will get her act together and write the blog on time…..

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